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one way clutch bearings


One- way Bearing BearingCSK8 CSK12 CSK17 CSK20 CSK25 CSK30 CSK35 CSK40 CSK15p CSK17p CSK20p CSK25p CSK30p CSK35p CSK40p CSK15pp CSK17pp CSK20pp CSK25pp CSK30pp CSK35pp CSK40pp CSK series of cleat-shaped clutches are also called "one-way spinning ball bearing". They have the same size as deep-groove ball bearings, 62 series. Except CSK40, CSK series, somewhat composed by a cleat-shaped clutch and deep groove-ball bearing, are filled with lubricator inside. Sealing them can protect from 0.3mm or above dusts getting in. Press the outer ring to fit the rigid machine frame within the tolerance of N6, and the inner ring to axial outer radius, too. 
Notes when you install: 
1. don't strike the inner ring to force outer one to fit into the machine frame. 
2. don't strike the outer ring to force inner one to squeeze in the axial outer radius.
The passed-on torsion of CSK series is little, about 7.4~260N/m. The maximum of rotational speed is very high. They are broadly used in the printing machine, the packing machine, the food equipment, thr electronic roller, decelerators, and some test machines
One way bearings are widely used in mining/ hydraulic/ printing/ textile/ washing machines/ conveyor systems and so on. Our company can offer models CSK8-40, CSK6305. The quality is good and the price is competitive. Small orders are also welcomed, please send your request to us.