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Advantages of ball bearings

Advantages and disadvantages of  ball bearings

Ball bearing is operated using a round metal beads, are the point of contact, so the operation is very easy to activate. Coupled with the use of ball bearings with the spring, so the spring top propped outside the ball bearing metal ring, leaving the entire weight of the rotor blades is located on the ball, and is propped by the spring indirectly top, it can be used in different direction, angle of portable products, but still prevent the fall, in order to avoid damage to the ball bearing, causing noise generation and life impairment.

Advantages of  ball bearings

1. Metal beads belong to the contact point of the operation, so it is easy to activate the operation;

2. It can be used often placed at different angles and direction of the operation of portable products (but to prevent disorderly fall or drop);

3. Long life (compared to oil-bearing).

Ball drawbacks

1. Bearing structure is quite fragile and can not withstand the force of the impact;

2. When the motor rotates, the rolling metal beads will have a greater the noise;

3. High prices, can not compete with oil-bearing on the cost price;

4. Ball of the source and quantity demand and difficult to control;

5. Ball bearing elastic spring while it is positioned on the assembly more difficult.

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