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Ball bearing is the soul of the fan

Ball bearing is the soul of the fan

In fact, the fans of the ball bearing is our most valued. Heat dissipation and noise has been a very important performance parameter in the DIY field, and the fan can be said to be the largest source of noise in the entire computer chassis. Many people think that the fan blade design, speed and air quantity and other parameters are the biggest factor affecting the noise.

It can be said that the ball bearing is the soul of the fan, because different types of bearings will not only affect the service life of a fan, but also to the entire fan noise size plays a vital role. If we want to pick out a fan for their actual needs, we must start with the type of ball bearing. In the area of the radiator, the fan of the bearings are mainly divided into the use of sliding friction of oil bearing (sleeve bearing) and the use of rolling friction ball bearings and two kinds of bearings in the form of hybrid of these three categories.

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