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How the noise of the bearing is formed

How the noise of the bearing is formed

General bearing sound is the sound of the rolling road and other sounds. Ball bearing rolling road sound is irregular the, frequency 1000Hz, the frequency rate does not change with the speed, but the overall sound pressure level with the acceleration of the speed. Rolling road sound of the bearing, the rolling road sound of sound pressure level decreases with the increase of the viscosity of the; and rolling road sound small bearing, the sound pressure level in the viscosity increases to more than about 20mm2/s, by reducing and turn to increase.

Rolling impact sound and control method of a large model of ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearing fag bearing under purely radial load and low speed operation, due to the centrifugal force of the small rolling in non load area of rolling bodies will impact on the cage or raceway and noises. But as the speed increases, the sound will disappear. The rolling body impact sound control method are: appropriate reduction of radial clearance, reasonable structure, a material holding rack bearing compliance.


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