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Maintenance of flanged ball bearings

Maintenance of flanged ball bearings

Maintenance and timely replacement of the flanged ball bearings are the main points, according to the maintenance of the rolling bearing analysis generally have the following points to pay attention to:

1) motor bearing temperature rise to 60 degrees Celsius, often check the temperature of the bearing, you can usually use a mercury thermometer or precision thermometer to measure.

2) often monitor the operation of the bearing when there is no abnormal noise.

See the bearing of the ball is damaged

Listen to turn the bearing, if the sound is uniform, flexible rotation, is good, anti check;

Pull dynamic bearing inner ring, there is a loose phenomenon, the ball and the inner and outer ring clearance is too large;

The quantity with gap feeler ball and inner ring, need to exceed the rated range of replacement;

3) keep the bearing seal well, so as to avoid the dust

4) the lubricating oil of the bearing should be enough, and then keep it clean.

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