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Introduction to the concept of miniature ball bearings

Introduction to the concept of miniature ball bearings

Miniature ball bearings is one of the commonly used in the production of industrial equipment bearing and is metric series of diameter less than 9mm, Inch series of diameter less than 9.525mm of various types of bearings, the main material is carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and other. The inner diameter of the smallest can do 0.6 mm, inner diameter of 1mm more.

In the ultra small aperture of miniature ball bearings, miniature deep groove ball bearing type metric of 68 series, series of 69, 60 series and so on, inch R series a total of six kinds of, based on, is divided into with ZZ steel dust cover bearing series, with RS rubber seal circle miniature bearing series, Teflon bearing sealing ring and flange flange series and so on.

Miniature ball bearings used in the field of all types of industrial equipment and small rotary motors, such as high speed low noise, such as office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, miniature horological, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, the hard disk motor, stepper motor, record the related fields, like a drum machine, model toys, computer cooling fan, currency count machine, fax machines, and so on.


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