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We can provide you with special bearings according to your drawings.

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We have kinds of packages, such as plastic bags, cartons, special boxes. We use different packages based on the products and our customers' requirements.

CNC turned components

CNC turned components

CNC turned components processing, refers to a process for machining parts made on CNC turned machine tools, CNC turned machining process planning with traditional machining that is consistent overall, but has also undergone a significant change. Digital information control parts and tool path machining methods. It is the solution to breed changeable parts, small batch, complex shape, high precision problems and achieve efficient and effective way to automated processing.

CNC turned components processing has the following advantages:

1. a significant reduction in the number of tooling, machining parts of complex shape without complex tooling. To change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the part program, applies to new product development and modifications.

2. Processing stable quality, high precision, high repeatability, adapt aircraft processing requirements.

3. The more variety, small batch production conditions high production efficiency, reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and operation inspection time, and the use of optimal cutting capacity and reduce the cutting time.

4. processed conventional methods are difficult to process complex surface, even working some of the processing site can not be observed.

The disadvantage is that the machine tool CNC machining equipment is expensive, requires maintenance personnel with a high level.

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