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Introduction of cooling lubrication for rolling bearings

Introduction of cooling lubrication for rolling bearings

Choose reasonable cooling and lubrication mode mainly refers to the motor shell of the machine tool spindle cooling and rolling bearing lubrication. Because of the high speed rotation of the main shaft will produce a lot of heat, if not promptly removed them, will cause the main structure of the machine tool thermal deformation, will lead to a serious failure of the spindle system can not work as well as failure.

Often the method is to use a closed water or oil to form a water - cooling system or "oil - water heat exchange system" to heat, can also be used to implement the additional heat exchanger to the main axis of the cooling box.

The cooling and lubrication of the rolling bearing of the rolling bearing are often used in the following three ways, that is, continuous oil lubrication, oil mist or oil gas lubrication and oil injection lubrication.

Grease lubrication has many advantages, but its weakness is that the application of the speed is low, only the fuel injection lubrication can reach the highest speed of 40%, so the speed of the spindle to improve its limitations.

Because of the pollution of the environment, oil mist lubrication is more and more oil and gas lubrication is replaced by oil and gas. Because each bearing separate oil supply, to ensure the required amount of oil, and no non compressed oil leakage, and no oil mist in the main shaft, both to reduce fuel consumption, but also for environmental protection.


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