North America (Chicago) Industrial Exhibition | Betong debut power transmission and control technology exhibition area

File under: Company News     Date: 2018/10/8

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Beiton  participated in the 2018 North American (Chicago) Industrial Show!Debut at the Power Transmission and Control Technology Pavilion

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In the hustle and bustle of time, unconsciously, we bid farewell to the hot summer days and ushered in a golden harvest season. September is always a delightful season, just as opportunities are always ready. In the days of high autumn, despite the raging Sino-US trade war officially started, our Betong bearing army is still striding forward to Chicago, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, and it is biased toward Hushan, which will judge the situation and create opportunities for the wise


As a representative of the mechanical bearing company, our company debuted at the Power Transmission and Control Technology Museum (Booth: Hall 3 – 13685), and broadcasted the company’s promotional film through the on-site LED screen. More than 20 staff members at the scene introduced the company and related business. We have comprehensively demonstrated our bearings and mechanical products to our guests and visitors. The staff focused on demonstrating our company’s solutions based on optimized agricultural farming and planter bearing systems, high-performance automotive bearing solutions, and advanced electronic and electrical production line solutions.More details below the stamp☟☟☟The scene was unprecedentedly hot. 

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Bearing newspaper reporters consulted our related products and solutions

Wuxi delegation took photo


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